Century Link

I want to contact an attorney and fight this bill, and help other customers that will also be lied to about services that are not what the consumer wanted in the first place. I was told by one of the Century Link sales employees (I have his ID number) that he had only been working a couple of days and had received so many complaints over similar situations as mine. If anyone can help with any legal information, please help me. I do not want to pay this bill because I do not feel I should be responsible for it! What are my rights?

They came out and could not find anything wrong inside or out (call us when it happens again, here is my number). It goes down 2 weeks later. I called and they said, "You must call customer support because they closed the ticket." Then I had to call in and set up another service call. This time, they think its wired wrong in the hub or the node behind my house and cut wires in the node. It worked two weeks and again was down. I called and the same thing. I called customer service and next day, they showed up and couldnt find a problem. This went on for over a year.

Then I went back to return the new router to their store where I bought it from and they would not give me my money back. I called corporate and corporate told the store to give me my money back, and the store told corporate no. I spent 1 hour with the store using my phone arguing with corporate on how they dont refund money. Finally, corporate said they would credit my account the money and send me a check but not all of it. The amount, less than 2 dollars, they kept so I am happy with that but I still have not gotten the check (it is in process). I had good service but once it breaks, it will never get fixed and they dont care!

On the morning of May 13, 2013, we came in to our business office and discovered we had no internet connection. We contacted CenturyLink and were told that there was a wide area outage and that it would be repaired soon. Six hours later, we contacted them again and they told us they had to order a new part to fix the problem. On May 14, we still had no internet connection. Once again, we were told that they had to order a part to fix the problem. On May 15, we still had no internet connection. This time, we were a little more firm that this was creating havoc with our business.

The response of the customer service rep was "You should have gotten a better internet connection service." We then asked her how she would handle her business if the internet connection was down for three days. Her response, "Well, we have a better service. We dont use DSL at our offices." As you can guess, we immediately signed with a CenturyLink competitor. If the customer service rep comments are indicative of what they believe at CenturyLink about their own service, stay as far away as you can from CenturyLink.

Ive had internet service since 2005 and also have had issues with it ever since then not getting the speed I pay for (slow as dial-up). I have to call them every two or three months about this problem. After I call and they fix it, it works very good for a few days or so then its right back to dial-up speed. A service tech called me and worked with me on the issue a couple times. It was determined that a switch at the substation keeps going bad. When he replaced the switch, that fixed it temporarily for a few days then back to dial-up speed again. I still have the same problem.

When I call, they make me go through the same procedure every time and try to tell me that there is a problem with my computer or phone line inside the house. Wrong! First, my computer works fine at work, but not at home on the internet. Second, I replaced all the lines in my home twice and that is not the problem. They will not listen to me when I tell them that the service tech said there is a switch that keeps going out at the substation. If it were not for my children needing internet for school, I would not have it or the phone either.

CenturyLink has several outages for internet service in my area on a regular basis. They know about these outages that take hours and hours to days to fix. They are knowingly charging for services that they are also aware the customer isnt getting. I understand that at times the internet will go down (ice storms, tornadoes, etc). In my area, the internet is constantly going down every couple of weeks. On top of this, those that have the 10MB service are often getting the lower internet speed just as I am, but still being charged for the higher speed.

This isnt right. Something needs to be done about this. It is a frequent thing to have to call into the customer service department. We dont have options for other carriers, so we are stuck with CenturyLink. I may check on satellite internet, then I can dump CenturyLink and save some money.

I have had years of issues with Century Link/Qwest and they continue to amaze me with how terrible their service can be, everything from their call center hours, their employees and finally to their website.